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Harry’s Law: Another Hit from David E. Kelley

I would love to say that I’ve always been a huge David E. Kelley fan. The truth is – I didn’t know who he was until I stumbled across a little show called ‘Boston Legal.’ It had heart. It had humor. I was hooked.

So when I first heard about Harry’s Law (NBC), considering it was a David E. Kelley offering, I thought I would’ve been more excited. But I wasn’t. It looked serious. It had Kathy Bates. It looked, dare I say it – boring.

It wasn’t until I was stuck on an airplane with nothing else to do for eight hours that I finally watched the pilot. It had all the ingredients ‘Boston’ had: heart, humor, eccentric characters, and thought-provoking cases. I was hooked. The first two episodes of ‘Harry’s Law’ have to be two of the best written episodes of Kelley’s career to date.

I cannot recommend this show enough. Kathy Bates is a standout as Harriet, a patent lawyer who makes the transition into criminal law after a mid life crisis. Bates does a fine job of balancing Harriet’s rough exterior against a simmering vulnerability and a teddy-bear like softness. And she doesn’t stand alone. A great supporting cast full of unique and interesting characters are also present.

In the end ‘Harry’s Law’ succeeds on two levels: great writing and great acting. It sounds so simple and yet so many shows fail to miss the mark on either one of both of these areas. And just to add a little extra, Kelley even adds a little intelligence in there for us too and opens up all kind of debates and discussions (Episode 3 will have you asking whether there might just be something to China’s One Child policy).

If you like humor, heart, and though-provoking content – this show is for you!

Grade: A


End of an Era (nearly)


The 2004-2005 TV season was a big one for ABC. That year heralded three of the biggest scripted TV shows on TV – and all on the one network. It was a big turnaround for the network.

First LOST, then Desperate Housewives, and to top it all off Grey’s Anatomy. It was a big year for ABC. (To find out more about the history behind each of those shows or if you’re a bit of a TV buff, I would highly recommend Desperate Networks by Bill Carter, great read).

Unfortunately though, all good things must come to an end.

After 6 seasons, LOST was put to rest. (I’m still not sure I quite get the finale though)

And now Marc Cherry has announced that after much speculation, season 8, premiering this fall (in US) will be the last season for the women of Wysteria Lane.

The only question left now is how much longer can Grey’s hold on. Creator, Shona Rhimes has said that the series will continue after season 8 (also premiering this fall), however, after eight seasons, I can’t help but wonder if those left from the original cast will want to continue on much longer.

That being said, when the doors finally do close on Seattle Grace, it will be the end of an era at ABC.