‘Being Elmo’: Evolution of a Pop Culture Icon

This is a little indie documentary with a whole lot of heart.

Directed by Constance Marks, Being Elmo documents the life of the life force behind Elmo – Kevin Clash. It’s hard to fathom that Elmo ever existed void of Clash but there once was a time when Elmo was just another ordinary puppet and Clash was just another puppeteer working on Sesame Street.

Being Elmo charts Clash’s journey from a boy with big dreams to becoming the life force behind a pop culture phenomenon. Back in 1985, Elmo was simply a little red monster puppet. A few puppeteers had picked him up here and there include Caroll Spinney (aka Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch) but no one had any success in bringing the little red monster to life.

That is, until Klash and Elmo met each other. The rest is as the say history.

Being Elmo will make you laugh. Elmo is one funny little guy. But don’t expect the film not to tug a few heart strings at the same time.

Seeing the love and support that his parents intill in him is uplifting and is a great testament to their parenting.

Also touching are the mentors Clash finds in his puppeteering journey and the patience and passion they bring to passing down their art form to eager proteges like Clash.

And if neither of those points have you tearing up, maybe this one will – it’s Elmo. Sure, he’s cute and funny and is a staple of many of our childhoods. But he is also a friend and contemporary for so many kids out there and seeing their reaction to Elmo is priceless. And seeing Clash fulfilling his role as the conduit between children everywhere and Elmo, well, that’s where he really comes to life.


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